Stacking ICF Walls

The following is an excellent video by one the the leading ICF manufacturers, Quad-Lock is an excellent choice for ICF materials. Each manufacture will have unique features from the tooth design which allows each course to attach to the next and additional features they offer to assist the builder in each phase of the project. Understand that unique features aside, all ICF forms work essentially the same. They are stacked course by course, rebar is installed horizontally and vertically according to plan and bracing is attached to hold the forms in place, plumb and level. Different systems are used for building window and door openings or bucks including pressure treated dimensional lumber and plastic lumber substitutes. Different methods are used for the top of the wall to aid in finishing it and connecting it to the roof structure. Decentralized advocated for all established ICF manufacturers products. Owners and builders should consider numerous options, shop for price, availability and support as well as features and sleep soundly with the knowledge that if you do a good job the project will offer a great result with any major brand.