High Strength Concrete Mixing and Pumping

Whatever hurricane survivable construction method is chosen, adequate strength concrete is a critical requirement for building hurricane rated structures. Mixing and pouring concrete in the amounts needed to fill footings, pilings, blocks and concrete forms will require material handling options to suit a variety of circumstances. In communities with commercial cement batching facilities, mixing trucks and boom pump trucks hurricane survivable structures can be erected quickly and efficiently. In areas that lack commercial mixing and pumping equipment, other methods can be utilized including gas powered cement mixers and mobile cement mixer pump units that handle remote locations and rough terrain like the ones pictures to the left. When boom pumps are not available, structures are built one course at a time filling the courses manually as blocks or forms are stacked. This process is most applicable for small homes since the concrete cures while the next course is being installed. Building residential structures one course at a time requires more people encouraging a Neighbor helping Neighbor process.